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Philip Caldwell

The Pampered Car is a full service mobile auto detailing provider.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality auto detail…at your location and at your convenience.

The Pampered Car is managed and operated by Philip Caldwell. Philip has detailed cars with meticulous attention for over ten years, and has been professionally trained by the industry’s leading provider, Kleen Auto Appearance, who trains the BMW dealerships of North America.

The Pampered Car sets itself apart by providing the ultimate auto detailing with the highest amount of care and attention. This attention to detail goes beyond the car to the environment, by using a state-of–the-art water reclamation technique to eliminate water run-off and pollution, to the operation of the business, by being fully insured and complying with all State and Federal laws. Simply put, The Pampered Car provides outstanding service and pays attention to the details.

When you confirm an appointment with The Pampered Car, you can rest assured that your car will be pampered by someone who truly has a passion to restore a car’s beauty.

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